Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is it safe to attend counseling session at Family Life during this Covid-19 pandemic?

Family Life adheres to current government SOP for everyone to wear masks at all times when on the premise, register upon entering the premise, keep distance of at least 1 metre apart, sanitise and wash hands regularly.

2. Does Family Life provides phone counseling?

No. Family Life does not provide phone counseling. However, Family Life does provide online counseling for clients who do not wish to enter the premise due to the Covid-19 situation.

3. How long is a counseling session?

Counseling session may vary depending on the individual and types of counseling. Usually it is between 1-2 hours.

4. Is counseling at Family Life free-of-charge?

There is no charges for counseling in Family Life.

5. Are my counseling sessions private and confidential?

All information are kept in full confidentiality.

6. How do I make an appointment to see a counselor?

Fill in the Counseling Appointment Form on website under counseling section and we will contact you to advise on the appointments. Alternatively, you can call in to our office at 03-7980 4096 to speak to Michelle.


1. How do I plan for a church wedding at FGA KL?

For church wedding, you will need to call Josephine C. at church office 03-7981 4755. She will explain the procedures to you and will arrange for an interview with Ps Kia Sing. If the interview and date suits, then couple has to undergo premarital counselling.
If couple is not marrying in church but wish to attend The Premarital Course or Premarital Counselling, pls call Wendy at Family Life 03-7980 4096 to make arrangements.

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