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We have a group of well-trained and dedicated counselors for you to talk with. Call now to make an appointment.
There are a number of courses you can join to learn what it takes to make marriage work.
Join our seminars to learn more about bible-based Godly parenting, keep checking back to find out when the next seminar will be.
Places where people with shared needs and passion converge in small groups, for short stipulated period, for learning, networking and building connections.
Job Openings

Admin Executive (Counselling)

Broad Scope:

  • Assist in daily admin office matters: Managing the security, upkeep of equipment, managing the resource library, maintenance of facilities, beautification, hospitality and cleaning services, liaising with servicing vendors, handling purchases & printing of materials for events and making payments, preparing monthly account statements, checking leave forms, mails & emails, maintaining diaries/calendar and database, coordinate reception counter services, assist in public relations & publicity (including on social media and website management).
  • Assist in ministry matters: Managing course and events registrations, booking of premises, venue, facilities and equipment for organized events; provide support for all counseling and all family life unit events, services and teams, outreach and education within the church and community.


  • 1-2 years of working experience; minimum SPM or equivalent (and above); good oral and written skills in English; familiar with Microsoft Office; Internet savvy, preferably with working knowledge of website management and use of social media platforms. Fast learner and able to work on weekends.
  • Good interpersonal skills. Able to work independently.

For interested candidates, please email your resume to