We organise and celebrate PARENTS’ DAY for the special children/teens/young adults to honour and show appreciation to their parents for their love, care and sacrifices they have made. It is also for the parents to find inspiration and encouragement for their relentless effort to care for their special needs children whilst having fun. The celebration aims to create bonding and socialisation with activities such as ice-breaker games and performances like singing songs, dancing and playing musical instruments. There will also be sharing of testimonies and family contests such as flower arrangements, sushi-making, “look-alike” competition, etc. At the same time, we teach the special children/teens/young adults on how to make cards/craft work or record their greetings to wish and thank their parents on Parents’ day.

Parent’s Day 2012 – Sharing Testimony

Parent’s Day 2012 – Dress-Alike Competition

Parent’s Day 2011 – Sushi Making

Parent’s Day 2011 – Family Costume Contest Winner

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