Individual Counselling Therapy

Family Life provides one-to-one counseling sessions with our experienced counselors who are recognised in their profession for therapy work and competent counseling skills. Our counselors are compassion-driven in reaching out to help individuals to resolve and see through challenges in lives. Their goals are to help you to balance your thoughts and emotions and guide you to adopt clearer thinking and to make better decisions in your lives. Our counselors also aim to assist you in enhancing self-understanding, building different perspectives whilst promoting your mental health and well being to have a clearer mind in navigating the directions you have in life.

Family Life provides counselling to individuals from all background and faith. Please click the below link and fill up the form for us to get to know your needs better and we will be in contact with you to discuss further on your request and appointments.

Counselling Form –

All information given are kept in full privacy.

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