About Us

What is Family Life?

FAMILY LIFE is the family ministry of Full Gospel Assembly, Kuala Lumpur. It was set up to be a catalyst for strong and healthy personal relationships between members of the family; and aims to connect individuals and families to the church through activities relevant to the different categories of families.

The function of FAMILY LIFE, is to provide and/or facilitate bible-based family education and psycho-educational programmes, family events, counselling services, and family resource network or materials which may enrich individuals and families.

As we build healthy Individuals, we build strong families, who will then build strong churches. Together, we can contribute towards a healthy community and build a strong nation.

What does Family Life do?

The agenda of a healthy and strong family cuts across the vision and goals of every family-focused ministry (known as Life Groups) that are already present in the church. Examples of these Life Groups are the Home Fellowships, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministries, Young Adults, Sign of Love, Women’s Ministry (Ladies, Single Again, Young Mothers, and Singles), Men’s Fellowship, Golden Years Fellowship, Parents Support Groups, etc. Family Life therefore exists to fuse everyone together.

Family Life also provides platforms and opportunities for the expression of gifts and talents of individuals in the church especially if their passion is for healthy and strong family relationships. It is ideal for husband and wife or families who love to serve together in one ministry. The breadth of the activities and functions of Family Life allows every member of the church to participate and benefit from the various activities, programmes, and services which are being systematically planned by this ministry.

How can you be involved in Family Life?

As aforementioned, there are many Working Teams in Family Life and the number of programmes and activities that can be offered for families are endless. These teams are constantly seeking to find more members to join them because their work is expanding rapidly. Besides direct involvement in these working teams, Family Life is also in constant need for committed and creative people who can help us to communicate our visions and activities effectively to the masses. We need people who have a passion in family issues to contribute in areas like teaching (marriage/family/parenting/relationships/counselling, etc), mentoring, counselling, writing, reporting events, editing, photography, graphic designing, event organizing, and administrative support. Psycho-educational courses like the Marriage Course, the Marriage Preparation Course, and the Parenting Courses are in great need of helpers.

The Family Life Counseling Unit is also in need of trained counselors and also for those who would be willing to help or be trained as lay and para-counsellors, and as premarital counsellors.

If you are interested to be involved with us, please do contact us at Family Life. Otherwise we will be very happy even if you would just actively participate and support us in all the activities that we organize!

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