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We have a group of well-trained and dedicated counselors for you to talk with. Call now to make an appointment.



There are a number of courses you can join to learn what it takes to make marriage work.



Join our seminars to learn more about bible-based Godly parenting, keep checking back to find out when the next seminar will be.



Places where people with shared needs and passion converge in small groups, for short stipulated period, for learning, networking and building connections.

What is Family Life?

FAMILY LIFE is the family ministry of Full Gospel Assembly, Kuala Lumpur. It was set up to be a catalyst for strong and healthy personal relationships between members of the family; and aims to connect individuals and families to the church through activities relevant to the different categories of families.

The function of FAMILY LIFE, is to provide and/or facilitate bible-based family education and psycho-educational programmes, family events, counselling services, and family resource network or materials which may enrich individuals and families.

As we build healthy Individuals, we build strong families, who will then build strong churches. Together, we can contribute towards a healthy community and build a strong nation.

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Upcoming Events

The Parenting Teenagers Course
The Parenting Teenagers Course | Feb-Mar 2020

The Parenting Children Course
The Parenting Children Course | April-May 2020

The Marriage Preparation Course
The Marriage Preparation Course | Season 24: Mar 2020 | Season 25: Sep 2020